Ceará moves forward towards a statewide policy for green hydrogen and its derivatives

Press Release – Monday, April 17, 2023

April 17, 2023: Moving forward in its bid to produce green hydrogen, Ceará is about to take an important step towards a more responsible and sustainable national economy with a proposal to be presented to the State Government later this week.

On 15 April, the Sectorial Chamber for Renewable Energies –a division of Ceará’s Development Agency (Adece)–, chaired by the industrialist Jonas Becker, drafted a bill to create a Statewide Policy for Green Hydrogen (H2V) and its derivatives. The draft was requested by Salmito Filho –Ceará’s Secretary for Economic Development– and will be submitted to the State Government for consideration later this week.

“The green industry is not just a trend but a necessary requirement for achieving a more sustainable world,” says Jurandir Picanço, energy consultant for Ceará’s Federation of Industries (FIEC) and one of the guest speakers at Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste, being held at Fortaleza’s Centro de Eventos.

Picanço stresses that the creation of a statewide policy for green hydrogen and its derivatives will provide abundant benefits not only for Ceará’s economy but for the entire country as well, since the H2V production will create jobs and business opportunities in addition to helping decarbonise such industries as manufacturing, transport and power generation.

“Green hydrogen has become a promising option in the effort to decarbonise the economy. The drafting of a statewide law is one more step towards the creation of a federal law to develop and regulate the production, trading and use of clean energy in Brazil in order to promote a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to mitigating climate change around the world,” says the consultant.

Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste

FIEC’s Jurandir Picanço is a guest speaker at Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste –the largest solar energy event in the Brazilian Northeast– which started at 2 pm on 18 April at the Centro de Eventos do Ceará to bring the industry’s leading specialists under one roof for two days. Picanço is scheduled to join a panel on Public Policies for Green Hydrogen at 5.15 pm on Wednesday 19th, together with Mônica Saraiva Panik, director of Institutional Relations of the Brazilian Association for Green Hydrogen (ABH2).

The Summit will feature 25+ speakers who will discuss hot topics on solar energy, including policies, legal challenges and regulatory frameworks as well as grid-integration solutions and financing. The modernisation of the electricity industry, the development and production of H2V, in addition to energy storage and the prospects for centralised solar generation, including free and regulated markets, are some of the topics to be addressed at the event.

An exhibition will be held alongside, and the event as a whole will provide an opportunity for companies and investors to learn about major trends and innovations in solar technology, and to network with potential partners and clients.


The wide roster of exhibiting companies includes Aldo Solar, CCM Solar do Brasil, CGB Energia, CHINT, Clamper, Connectoway, Conte Solar, Delos Energy Supplies, Elgin, Fortlev Solar, Fotus Distribuidora Solar, Genyx Solar Power, JNG, Meu Financiamento Solar, Nansen, Serrana Solar, SolarZ, Solfácil, Sou Energy Solar, Sunred Energy and WEG.


The Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste is organized by Intersolar South America - Latin America’s largest exhibition and conference for the solar industry: Solar Promotion International GmbH, Pforzheim, Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH (FMMI) and Aranda Eventos & Congressos Ltda, São Paulo.

Quick facts:
Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste

Date: April 18 to 19, 2023
Venue: Centro de Eventos de Fortaleza
Taíba and Mundaú Halls, West Pavilion
Av. Washington Soares, 999 – Gates A, B e C
Fortaleza, Brazil

For more information about Intersolar Summit Brasil Nordeste and how to register, please visit its official website: https://www.intersolar-summit-brasil.com/home

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